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iPad screen repair

Did you drop your precious iPad and shattered the screen? No worries! At Miami Nerds we are specialists in Apple devices. You can have your iPad screen repaired right away.

Even if you buy a protective case, you might smash the screen of an iPad very easily. iPads are thin, the glass is large and exposed above the frame, and the edges are curved, all of which contribute to the high breakage rates.

Even if you have the iPad under warranty, you will probably get stuck without your device for several days. At Miami Nerds, we try to make it simple for our customers. You can pass by the store at any time, no appointment needed! drop off the iPad, and we will repair the screen within an hour!

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Ipad Mini Review: Small is now beautiful to Apple – but is it too stripped down?

Apple has gone where we never thought it would, with the iPad mini bringing the Apple tablet experience to a brave new budget world.

The new tablet comes in at a wallet-friendly £279 / $US329 / $AU369 for the basic version, with 16GB of storage on offer for the Wi-Fi version. You can supplement the mini-slate with up to 64GB of space to chuck movies and music, as well as 4G LTE connectivity, but that will set you back an eye-watering £529 / $US659 / $AU729 for the top model.

But then again, the iPad mini release isn't about the top end specs with a whopping price tag – it's about beating the likes of the Google Nexus 7and Amazon Kindle Fire HDin the budget stakes.

The two competitors...