Macbook water damage repair! What you should know…

Finding a good water damage repair service for your Macbook can be a daunting experience. Your AppleCare plan, for which you pay a good amount of money, will not cover any water or liquid damage repair, so it is time to look for a third party repair service.

At Miami Nerds, we specialize in repairing devices that have suffered extensive water or liquid damage. Your Macbook will undergo a special treatment and will be restored to its original condition achieving, most of the times, 100% functionality. We know how much you cherish your computer, and we will go to great lengths to try to save yours too!

But before you make up your mind, there are some things that you should know about water damage. At Miami Nerds we have seen all kind of situations: from the typical coffee spill on a Macbook keyboard, to computers going into a pool or even the sea! I could go on and on describing  all the different Macbook water damage repair scenarios. Customers usually come to our office in despair with their Macbooks still soaking wet! Crying, frustrated, angry.

Let’s face it. Water damage is the worst thing that can happen to your precious Macbook. But that’s when you need to learn the dos and don’ ts of water damage and TRUST YOUR DEVICE TO A PROFESSIONAL TECHNICIAN! So…don’t despair, we are here to help you!

First of all, and I cannot stress this enough: DO NOT TURN ON YOUR MACBOOK! I know how tempting it is. But believe me, it is the worst thing you can do when it comes to water or liquid damage. Disconnect all power source. Water is conductive so by turning on your computer you might be causing an electric shortcut blowing off major components that are irreparable.

Second, have your device checked by a professional ASAP. Forget about the bag of rice or the silica gel. This will not dry the components inside and will leave behind mineral residues that will affect the functionality. What you have to understand is that it is not water or coffee (or champagne! ha-ha) that damages the circuits but the rust and corrosion that comes afterwards. So…the sooner you take your device to your IT people, the better.

We will start working on your Mac right away to offer you the best Macbook water damage repair service and give your device the best shot it can get.

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Macbook Water damage repair service






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