Jailbreak: all there is to know about it!

If you are an iPhone user, I am pretty sure you have heard about jailbreaking your phone. If you have not done it yet, then this is the right time! With the recent release of evasi0n iOS 6.x jailbreak” the jailbreak scene has regained its force.

But what does “jailbreaking” mean? And what does it involve? OK. Let’s get the facts straight.

What is it? As the word implies, when you jailbreak an iPhone you are “breaking its jail”. You are enabling “root access to the iOS operating system allowing the download of additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the offical Apple Store”.

Why would I want to download unofficial apps and extensions? What are the benefits? As stated above, when you free your device from the limitations imposed by Apple, you are opening up your phone to new and exciting possibilities. As a Smartphone user, I’m sure you would like to take your phone to its full capabilities. Jailbreaking your device will install Cydia, which is the “black market” version of the Apple Store. In Cydia, you can find both free and paid apps like in the Apple Store. These apps and tweaks can really change your whole iPhone experience.

What are some of the best apps and tweaks available in Cydia?

SBSettings: it enables the user to quickly and easily access all sorts of toggles such as bluetooth, WiFi, 3G, SSH and so on. And you can access the tweak anytime just by swiping your finger at the top of the screen. No need to navigate through the ios deep down menu.

Tether me: let’s you turn your iPhone into a hotspot so that you can give any other device internet through your phone.

Springtomize: you can customize various aspects of your device such as its animations, dock, capabilities, lockscreen, folders, icons, Notification Center, status bar and many more.

Action Menu: Action Menu enhances your default iOS copy/paste menu with added features and options. You can tweet highlighted sections of text, look up definitions quickly, see your clipboard history, and more.

IntelliScreenX: this app takes your Notification Center to the next level. It makes it similar to the Andriod system. You can see local weather, time, date, facebook updates, manage your wifi, airplane mode, etc…all from the notification center screen

FolderEnhancer: You can add folders within folders, change folder backgrounds and animations, and add an infinite numbers of apps to each folder.

3G Unrestrictor: no need of wifi. You can make FaceTime calls, watch HD YouTube videos, upload to PhotoStream, download large apps from the App Store, and more over 3G.

These are just some of the awesome things you can do with Cydia! The list is never ending.

What about the cons? is it legal to jailbreak? As of July 2010, the act of jailbreaking and unlocking iPhones has been ruled by the U.S. government to be legal. However, there are some cons that need to be mentioned (although I have never experienced them myself) Of course, people at the Apple Store do not like having users jailbreaking devices, so they will void your warranty if you take them a jailbroken device. Anyway, jailbreaking is totally reversible. You just have to connect the iPhone to iTunes and restore.  Voilà! Cydia is gone! You might also experience some battery drainage and glitches. But to me, it is so worth it! In my experience, glitches are avoided by only installing Cydia apps that are well reviewed and popular. As regards battery drainage, well…this is a common Smartphone issue. Nothing terrible to stop enjoying the greatness of Cydia.

Now it is up to you to decide. My recommendation: give it a try! You can always go back to boring and simple ios anytime! Though I think that Cydia is a one way trip!

If you want to jailbreak you phone, please contact us with your iPhone model and software version.

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