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Reparación de teléfonos Samsung en Miami Beach

En Miami Nerds también nos especializamos en toda clase de reparaciones de teléfonos celulares Samsung. Realizamos reparaciones en los modelos Samsung Galaxy S y Note. No pierda el tiempo llevando su teléfono Samsung al centro oficial de reparaciones. Traiga su teléfono a Miami Nerds y lo tendremos listo el mismo día. Trabajaremos lo más rápido posible para reparar el equipo. Hacemos reparaciones en Samsung Galaxy, Mega, Note, etc... Lllamenos para chequear el modelo Servicio técnico para teléfonos celulares Samsung Tiene la pantalla de su Samsung Galaxy quebrada? El vidrio está roto? Quizás el vidrio está intacto, pero el teléfono tiene la pantalla negra o pixelada? En Miami Nerds podemos reemplazar la pantalla de su equipo en el mismo día dependiendo el modelo.Si su teléfono Samsung dejó de cargar o se le apaga sin motivo también podemos ayudarlo. Hacemos...

iPad screen repair

Did you drop your precious iPad and shattered the screen? No worries! At Miami Nerds we are specialists in Apple devices. You can have your iPad screen repaired right away.

Even if you buy a protective case, you might smash the screen of an iPad very easily. iPads are thin, the glass is large and exposed above the frame, and the edges are curved, all of which contribute to the high breakage rates.

Even if you have the iPad under warranty, you will probably get stuck without your device for several days. At Miami Nerds, we try to make it simple for our customers. You can pass by the store at any time, no appointment needed! drop off the iPad, and we will repair the screen within an hour!

Our service for...

In home computer repair service

At Miami Nerds we know how busy life can get sometimes and, that is why we offer an in home computer repair service that will give you peace of mind.

If you cannot make it to our office, we can always arrange for one of our technicians to drop by your house or office and give you a helping hand with your computer.

You can schedule an in home computer repair service on the same day through our contact form in our website or by giving us a call to 786-294-5348 or 786-326-3827. We will always try to make it to your house or office as soon as possible.

Our in home computer repair service is fast and affordable. Our technicians DO NOT charge by the hour. We will...

Jailbreak: all there is to know about it!

If you are an iPhone user, I am pretty sure you have heard about jailbreaking your phone. If you have not done it yet, then this is the right time! With the recent release of evasi0n iOS 6.x jailbreak" the jailbreak scene has regained its force.

But what does "jailbreaking" mean? And what does it involve? OK. Let's get the facts straight.

What is it? As the word implies, when you jailbreak an iPhone you are "breaking its jail". You are enabling "root access to the iOS operating system allowing the download of additional applications, extensions, and themes that are unavailable through the offical Apple Store".

Why would I want to download unofficial apps and extensions? What are the benefits? As stated above, when you free your device...

Macbook water damage repair! What you should know…

Finding a good water damage repair service for your Macbook can be a daunting experience. Your AppleCare plan, for which you pay a good amount of money, will not cover any water or liquid damage repair, so it is time to look for a third party repair service.

At Miami Nerds, we specialize in repairing devices that have suffered extensive water or liquid damage. Your Macbook will undergo a special treatment and will be restored to its original condition achieving, most of the times, 100% functionality. We know how much you cherish your computer, and we will go to great lengths to try to save yours too!

But before you make up your mind, there are some things that you should know about water damage. At Miami Nerds we have...

Ipad Mini Review: Small is now beautiful to Apple – but is it too stripped down?

Apple has gone where we never thought it would, with the iPad mini bringing the Apple tablet experience to a brave new budget world.

The new tablet comes in at a wallet-friendly £279 / $US329 / $AU369 for the basic version, with 16GB of storage on offer for the Wi-Fi version. You can supplement the mini-slate with up to 64GB of space to chuck movies and music, as well as 4G LTE connectivity, but that will set you back an eye-watering £529 / $US659 / $AU729 for the top model.

But then again, the iPad mini release isn't about the top end specs with a whopping price tag – it's about beating the likes of the Google Nexus 7and Amazon Kindle Fire HDin the budget stakes.

The two competitors...

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